Heat Policy

This document is intended for use by WARRINGAL OBEDIENCE DOG CLUB INC where the temperature at OUR trial has reached a level where the health and safety of officials, competitors and dogs could be affected.

In applying this policy, it must be remembered that both people and dogs are affected in similar ways by hot weather conditions such as high temperatures, high humidity and hot winds.

Depending on the individual physical condition of both people and dogs, high temperatures can result in the body’s natural cooling system not being able to cope and a person and/or dog becoming dehydrated.

It has therefore been decided that:

  1. A suitable outdoor thermometer to be provided by the Club will be suspended in a location that is open, shaded and no more than ten (10) metres away from the judging rings, and
  2. When the temperature reaches 35 degrees Celsius that this shall be the “trigger” for the following actions:
    1. Judging in all rings shall be suspended immediately.
    2. The Club will then monitor the temperature at 30-minute intervals from the time that the judging was suspended.
    3. Should the temperature drop and stay below the “trigger” for a period of 15 minutes, the trial shall resume.
    4. If however after 90 minutes has elapsed since the suspension of judging (i.e. after the 3rd temperature check) the temperature is still above the “trigger”, the Club shall abandon the balance of the trial.
    5. Should any competitor have completed all relevant class exercises prior to a trial being suspended and subsequently being abandoned then any qualifying scores attained will still stand.

Bureau of Meteorlogy - 7 day forescast