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We train you to
train your dog

Collectively, our volunteer instructors have over 80 years of experience, so they’re sure to be able to help you no matter what you want to achieve from dog obedience.

We train you to train your dog to respond to basic commands, e.g. sit, stay, come, so that you have control over your dog in a range of situations.

training page
Positive Reinforcement

Puppy Classes

If you’ve just got a new puppy, or you’ve done puppy school at your local vet and would like to continue training, our Beginners and Advanced Beginners classes are ideal for you.

You’ll learn the importance of puppy socialisation and we lay the groundwork of basic obedience training.

See Class Details below for more information.

Supportive Communitying Programs

Obedience Classes

Imagine your dog sitting nicely to get a pat
rather than jumping on you or visitors, or lying peacefully at your feet while you have a coffee and a chat with a friend.

If you’ve done some basic training with your dog and you’re looking to have a better behaved dog or trial, our tiered obedience classes are for you.

See Class Details below for more information.

Supportive Communitying Programs
Positive Reinforcement

Agility Classes

If your dog is energetic, loves a challenge and responds well to voice commands, our agility classes are great fun for you and your dog.

Agility involves directing your dog around an obstacle course in an attempt to both negotiate the obstacles correctly and ‘beat the clock’. Obstacles comprise various types of jumps, ramps, elevated walks, poles that the dogs weave through, different
types of tunnels and a seesaw.

See Class Details below for more information.

Class Details

Classes are held weekly on Sunday mornings from 9am.
Please arrive about 5-10 minutes before the scheduled start time of your class.

There are no classes when the temperature is forecast to exceed 35°C and on public
holiday weekends. Check our Facebook page for the latest updates.

Beginners : 9.00 - 9.45am

In our beginner sessions, we focus on establishing fundamental commands, laying a solid foundation for obedience. Your dog will learn essential skills like heeling, sitting, and right about turns, building the groundwork for more advanced techniques.

Advanced Beginners : 9.45 - 10.30am

For those ready to elevate their training, our Advanced Beginners class refines existing skills and introduces new commands. From perfecting heeling and recalls to mastering advanced stays and turns, your dog will demonstrate enhanced control and responsiveness.

Class One : 10.00 - 10.45am

Class One delves deeper, refining your dog’s skills in heeling, turns, and recalls. From controlled drops to steady sits, this class instills discipline and precision. Your dog will master exercises that form the cornerstone of a well-behaved companion.

Class Two : 10.00 - 10.45am

Class Two takes obedience to the next level, introducing left turns and detailed recalls. With distractions in play, your dog learns to focus amid various stimuli. Sit stays and drop stays are practiced, ensuring your dog responds promptly even in challenging situations.

Class Three : 9.00 - 10.00am

In Class Three, your dog achieves finesse, executing heeling with all turns and mastering fast and slow paces. Complex exercises like figure-of-eight and group stays further enhance their capabilities. This class polishes your dog’s skills, making them a poised and confident companion.

Class Four : 9.00 - 10.00am

The pinnacle of our training program, Class Four marks the culmination of your dog’s journey to obedience mastery. Here, your dog showcases their proficiency in all fundamental exercises learned at lower levels. This class is the gateway to your dog’s Obedience titles, signifying their dedication and your commitment to their training.

Agility : 10.30am

Perfect for energetic and spirited dogs, this class focuses on enhancing your dog’s agility, speed, and coordination. Under expert guidance, your dog will conquer tunnels, weave through poles and soar over jumps, building confidence and strengthening the bond between you.

NOTE: Agility will only run if there is a committee approved instructor available.